Updates from a relatively quiet month

  • The new Data/Technology Lead in my team, Amadeus, started on 1/8…

Project updates, holidays, and programme-vs-function

The view from our apartment in Mellieħa was pretty cool, while having lunch on the balcony

One: the holidays and the pre-holidays work meetings

Well, the big July news is that I spent 10 days away in Malta with my partner and the in-laws… and yet so much managed to happen at work in the 3 remaining weeks. …

Evolving the vision

A personal guide to approaching the workplace and its relationships

On new colleagues, admin fights, and the unavoidable realisation that the strategy is delivery

Open source, new people, and donkeys

Don’t you hear my call though you’re many years away

The shortest month of the year

It’s a new year, hopefully

  • NYE was a little sad
  • work was busy but good
  • my newsletter keeps bringing me joy
  • mental health has been challenging
  • UKGovCamp and other data virtual meetups were energising
  • I’ve started a local campaign for better broadband in my isolated block.

It’s been quite a year…

Giuseppe Sollazzo

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