• Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Writing productivity coach and co-founder of Prolifiko. https://prolifiko.com/

  • Manish Lad

    Manish Lad

    softeng mgr @BBC_News_Labs, interested in team culture, software development and network infrastructure

  • Jack Spargo

    Jack Spargo

    technologist, entrepreneur, web developer and innovator. I love cooking, live in Belfast and want to share my thoughts on technology and food...

  • Ingo Keck

    Ingo Keck

    Data analytics and machine learning expert. Doing blockchainified open science publishing at http://moringa.pub

  • Alex Richman

    Alex Richman

  • Chris Wraith

    Chris Wraith

    Builds software. Geordie, part-time Londoner. Pianist+blues guitarist and occasional photographer. Abnormally fond of stationery and tea. Cat person. INTJ

  • Mansi Panchamia

    Mansi Panchamia

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