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  • Sam Shah

    Sam Shah

    Clinician with an interest in digital health, works in the NHS. All views and blogs represent my personal views.

  • Adam Gajtkowski

    Adam Gajtkowski

    Data Scientist. Holding degrees in economics, econometrics, and statistics. Employed in news industry.

  • Massimo Conte

    Massimo Conte

    Editorial Coordinator of Complexity Education Project; Digital Learning Manager. Explorer in complexity, data visualization, network science

  • Leanne Summers

    Leanne Summers

    My own views on healthcare, teams, comms & getting things done. Working in digital health + kids, spent a long time on comics + games, aim to be useful, always

  • Arfah


    @muslamicmakers co-founder | @adaventures Angel | Fellowship Programme Manager at @GDSteam | @WCMTUK fellow. Full of random rambles.

  • Marco Michelutto

    Marco Michelutto

    Born and raised in Italy, usually somewhere else. Product Designer and maker of games.

  • Calcio Datato

    Calcio Datato

    Storie di calcio e sport. Piattaforma di data storytelling per raccontare “il pallone” attraverso i dati.

  • Rosamund Pearce

    Rosamund Pearce

    Visual Data Journalist at The Economist

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